Thursday, 24 February 2011


Different Types of Lighting - Backlighting
  • Take the image as above but use fill-in flash to lighten the subject. This way you get a perfectly exposed all round image.
  • Instead of a flash, use a reflector to brighten the subject, very natural and effective. Lastolitemake an excellent range of expandable circular reflectors.
Different Types of Lighting

Different Types of Lighting - Side lighting
When shooting any subject with side lighting you are going to end up with deep shadows. These may well enhance the mood of some scenes and be quite welcome and effective, but for most "people photography" this can be quite unflattering unless again, you are aiming for a certain mood in the image.
Different Types of Lighting - Top Heavy lighting
As with side lighting, you are going to get shadows on most subjects. Use the above techniques to suit the mood. Take a few shots using different techniques; the beauty of photography is that no two subjects and no lighting situations are ever exactly the same.
Different Types of Lighting - Full frontal lighting
Whilst this is the most pleasing of all lighting for everyday subjects (i.e. the light source is behind the camera), and is the easiest to expose correctly, there are times when it can cause its own problems.
Bright sunlight on a person can cause them to squint meaning facial lines and small eyes. Not very flattering. Unless you want the subject to wear sunglasses, you can use the backlighting technique above using a reflector or fill-in flash.

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